Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday Fun Food Facts - December 20, 2013

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Holiday Edition - Final Edition of 2013     

So, you are reading the last edition of 2013 (sniff, sniff). And we're going to do things a little differently today, for three reasons. One, there isn't as much restaurant news this time of year. Two, I need to do a little shameless plug. And finally, we need to announce the winner of our Holiday Promotion and the winner of our $250 Target gift card (you'll have to scroll down for that).

First, the shameless plug. As you may know, my primary "job" is operating a corporate catering business - Triangle Food Guy. Put simply, we offer about 60 Triangle area restaurants and caterers for all your corporate catering needs. The cool thing is, all the ordering is done online - making your catering easy and giving you great variety - and at no extra cost to you. Check us out here and consider us for all your corporate catering in 2014!

As part of that, we reward our clients in lots of ways. One of those is our rewards program. And another is the awarding of a $250 Target gift card to one of our clients. That person has been selected, but first a little restaurant news:
  • According to the N&O, Glenwood South's Hibernian Irish Pub is expected to reopen in mid-January.
  • The N&O is also reporting that over in Durham just off Ninth Street, Panera Bread is having a grand opening this Saturday.  
  • New Raleigh noted on Facebook that downtown Raleigh's Gringo A Go Go won't fully open until January.
  • And Mike DePersia filled me in on the following: Over in Apex, Johnny's Pizza was sold to Ryan Dudek who closed it and reopened it as The Pizza Dude; In Holly Springs, Rich Moore bought the Rudino's, remodeled it and reopened as Ricci's Pizzeria; and in Cary, the Camos Brothers Pizza in Cary was sold to Paul Mirikaj and reopened as Brothers of New York Pizza.
  • And finally, please consider donating to the annual Holiday Food Drive being conducted by the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina.

And now, the moment you all have been waiting for. The winner of this year's Triangle Food Guy Holiday promotion - a $250 gift card to Target which will be delivered this morning (a picture will be posted on our Facebook page later today) - can be found here!


And I close with a huge thank you to each of you for reading my blog and using us for your catering needs. This year has been an amazing experience, and I want to thank each and every one of you. Here is to an even more amazing 2014!!!
Drop me a line and let me know how we can better serve you or what we can do to improve our blog and provide you with the information you are looking for.  


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