Saturday, July 25, 2009

Who Is This Triangle Food Guy?

Hello! This is Sean Lennard and welcome to my new blog. For the past six years, I've had the pleasure of operating a web based service here in the Triangle bringing the best area restaurants and caterers together with the catering needs of the local corporate market.

During this time, I have made some of the best friends, both on the client side and on the restaurant side of business. Restaruant owners are some of the most interesting people you will meet.

So why this blog? Simply because I'm off to start a new venture. I'll still be working with some of the great restaurant owners I've met over the years. And I'll continue my relationship with the hundreds of clients that I have met over that same time.

So, stay tuned as I'll be making announcements here, keeping you up to date and giving you all the latest and greatest.

In the meantime, if you know of a company that coordinates a lot of catering, please send them my way. And if you know a restaurant owner that is looking to impact their bottom line through catering, please send them my way as well.

Look forward to chatting again soon!

1 comment:

  1. Great to see your post, and fun to see your endorsement of one of my favorite local restaurants, Baba Ghannouj on Hwy 55 at High House in Cary!

    It'd be fun to have a talk one day. Sounds like you do a lot of connecting in your work.

    Anora McGaha
    ClearSight Publicity
    twitter: clearsightpr